Crane Prices

Crane Prices

Crane Rate Information 

40T  Crane- $165.00/hr. (3 Hrs. Min.)
Saturdays and Sundays- $198.00/hr.
Holidays - $231.00/hr.

$50 Per Day Permit Charge

60T Crane- $200.00/hr. (3 Hrs. Min.)
Saturdays and Sundays - $233.00/hr.
Holidays - $266.00/hr.
$50 Per Day Permit Charge

90T Crane- $240.00/hr. (4 Hrs. Min.)

Saturday & Sunday- $306.00 hr.

Holidays - $372.00 hr.

$100.00 Per Day Permit Charge

Haul Truck (For 90T Crane) $90.00/hr. (Drive Time Only)

All Work Before 8 a.m. and After 4:30 p.m. 

Will Be Charged $20.00 Extra Per Hour 


120T Crane -  $385.00/hr (4 Hrs. Min)

Saturdays and Sundays - $451.00/hr

Holidays - $517.00/hr

165T Crane-$460.00/hr. (4 Hrs. Min.)
Saturday & Sundays - $526.00/hr.
Holidays $592.00 /hr.  

$100 Per Day Permit Charge 

240T and above - Call for pricing

Highway permits are charged for each day of travel. If we travel to site one day and travel back a separate day, there will be two fees charged. 

Overstay Per Diem - $100.00 Per Day, Per Man

Rigger/Flagman - $50.00/hr.

Lifting Beam - $55.00/day                                             

Cement Bucket - $55.00/day

Personnel Basket - $55.00/day

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